After creating tiles, I'm trying to insert these tiles into postgres db which I had created earlier. Here's the procedure. Now when trying to import these tiles to database, I have to execute this command:

java -jar <your_geoserver_install_dir>/webapps/geoserver/WEB-INF/lib/gt-imagemosaic-jdbc-{version}.jar import  -config <your geoserver data dir>/coverages/osm.postgis.xml -spatialTNPrefix tileosm -tileTNPrefix tileosm -dir tiles -ext png

The problem is that I'm getting these weird import errors:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.geotools.util.URLs

Even when I somehow find the package and install it, some other import error pops-up. Most of these packages are org.geotools and I can't find most of them.

Is there a way to solve these dependencies issue?

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The image mosaic JDBC module was demoted to unsupported in April 2020 after years of neglect. The fact that the page you are following is for version 1.7 of GeoServer says a lot as we are currently preparing for version 2.20.


Update: I was able to solve this by building geotools using maven. Then placed the necessary .jar files in JDK environment from where I was running the command mentioned in the question. So, I guess imagemosaic-jdbc is still usable in a way.

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