This is the function that I want to create:

Erosivity_Factor = 1.74 * log[sum(montly²/annual)]+1.29

I have solved it using a loop:

# Reproducible RasterStack with 12 layers
Monlty<- stack(lapply(1:12, function(i) raster(ncol=20, nrow=20, vals=rnorm(400,30)))) 

# Reproducible Raster
Annual <- raster(ncol=20, nrow=20, vals=rnorm(400,230))

R_month<- list()

for (i in 1:12) {
  R_month[[i]]<- (Monlty[[i]]*Monlty[[i]]/Annual)

R_month_raster <- do.call(stack,R_month)
R_erosivity_factor<- (1.74*log10(calc(R_month_raster,sum))+1.29)

Is there a way to make it with a function?

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First, a reproducible example:


r <- raster()

l <- list()

for(i in 1:12){
  l[[i]] <- setValues(r,rep(i,ncell(r)))

s <- stack(l)

You need to create your function and then apply it with calc function. Is annual the sum of all month values? or is annual an average? Well, I considered the sum of all monthly values, you can change it later:

Erosivity_Factor <- function(x){1.74*log10((x^2)/sum(x))+1.29}

R_erosivity_factor <- calc(s,Erosivity_Factor)

Since the value of the raster increases every month, results have sense:ç


enter image description here

For only two raster objects the approach is direct:

R_erosivity_factor <- 1.74*log10((Monlty^2)/Annual)+1.29
  • It is a good approach, neverless I need to compute the function with two Raster objects, since Annual != sum of the monthly values, and calc() admits only one Raster object. Jan 12 at 1:18
  • I have fixed it but it takes three times longer than the loop. I had thought that a function would speed up the process: x <- stack(Monlty,Annual) Erosivity_Factor <- function(x){1.74*log10(sum(x[c(1:12)]^2/(x[c(13)])))+1.29} R_erosivity_factor <- calc(x,Erosivity_Factor) Jan 12 at 3:15
  • @franciscocorvalan I added an approach with two rasters objects. Although I don't really understand the composition of both rasters. Is monthly raster a 12-band raster while annual is 1-band?
    – aldo_tapia
    Jan 12 at 11:23

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