I am attempting to calculate the distance from a point to the nearest polygon edge (county boundary). I have approximately 80 points and want to find the closest county edge for all of the points and calculate the distance in miles. I am using QGIS because I only have a basic license in ArcGIS Pro. I have tried all of the distance tools with no luck. I read about the NNJoin plug-in, but I can't seem to get that to work either.

Can you advise?


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You can:

  1. Convert your polygons to lines with "Polygons to Lines"

  2. Calculate the distance to nearest line with Field Calculator. Change Lines to the name of your line layer:

distance($geometry, array_first(overlay_nearest(layer:='Lines', expression:=$geometry)))*0.000621371192

which measures the distance from each points geometry to the nearest lines geometry.

My coordinate system is in meters so I multiply the result with 0.0006... to get miles

enter image description here (Field type should be Decimal number (Real), not integer)

  • Is there a way to do this and tell it a specific points layer? I have multiple in my project. Jun 16, 2023 at 10:45
  • 1
    That's what I'm doing. I've opened the attribute table of the "Random points" layer and Field calculating it
    – BERA
    Jun 16, 2023 at 16:19

To create a line from the point to the closest point on the boundary of the nearest polygon and then measure the length of that line, use this expression:

    make_line (
        closest_point (
                overlay_nearest (
                    'polygon',  -- change to the name of your polygon layer

A modofied version of the expression (to convert m to km and round the result) labels to point layer with the distance to the nearest point on the polygon's boundary - thus the length of the black lines that are added for visualiziation purpose only:

enter image description here

  • Is there a way to specify the points layer? My project has multiple. Jun 16, 2023 at 10:48
  • 1
    You apply the expression on the point layer, so you choose which one it is.
    – Babel
    Jun 16, 2023 at 12:29

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