I'm looking to style some lines in QGIS to look like the steps in OpenStreetMap's default style. Actually, I'm styling those same steps on my own machine.

steps from OSM

Basically, unless I'm missing something, I need to make a dashed line that is wide with very short dashes.

I've tried setting a custom dash pattern, but qgis doesn't seem to take values of less than 1 because the size of the dash doesn't shrink after that point. So I can get a custom dash pattern with a dash that is as short as it is wide, but no shorter. Is there a way past this, or some other way to style the lines to look like steps?

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check out this video here which is for creating railway. i think you can do your needs with waching it.



  1. Double click for Style
  2. in sympol properties choose Marker Line from Symbol Layer Type
  3. change your marker to short line with size 2 and interval 1
  4. that is all

Settings from qgis:




i hope it helps you...


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