I have an Expression that I am trying to create for symbology that essentially filters on three categories. The Two are very simple, the last one has a lot of criteria that work for it. For example, first two criteria are Parcels greater in size than 3 acres and the second is with building structures less than 6,005 SQFT. The last one is where I am having difficulty. I would like to sort the results from the above based on zoning types that work for a specific building type. Such that, only parcels with the first two criteria and proper zoning return True.

Here is what I have:

$feature['CountyParcel_DataCSV_2022.csv.ACREAGE'] > "3.0"
$feature['CountyParcel_DataCSV_2022.csv.SQFEET'] < "6005"
Includes ($feature['CountyParcel_DataCSV_2022.csv.Zoning'], 
"I" ||


return True;


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Try looking at the help file for Includes(). The first parameter is an array of values to test against, the second is the value to look for. I would imagine your code should be:

Includes(["C1","C2","GC","I","IC"], feature['CountyParcel_DataCSV_2022.csv.Zoning'])

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