Using the QGIS network analysis (layers) command, I can calculate the maximum areas that a "bus stop" point can serve by determining a distance X.

However, I would like this distance to vary according to the slope of the street, which this a third layer.

For example:

  • for streets with a slope of 0% I can walk 600m.
  • for slopes of 5% I can only walk 500m,
  • for slopes of 10 or more I can only walk 300m.

This rule will vary according to a table, where I will ponder the distances. How can I do this?

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  1. Split your network lines into short segments. Use Densify by interval, then explode lines.
  2. Assign the slope value of the corresponding layer to each of the segments created in step 1 as a new attribute.
  3. Create a new speed attribute field, based on the slope from step 2.
  4. Run network tools, go to Advanced Parameters and for Speed field [optional] select the field created in step 3.

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