I have a model that does some tidying of attributes in vector layers that are stored in a geopackage. The geopackage to work with is specified with a file path input (@survey_data_package) Therefore the input layers to work on can be set using the "pre-calculated value" option and an expression like this

@survey_data_package || '|layername=TheLayerToWorkOn'

When I specify the output layer if I follow the same expression (such as below) it doesn't work - I suspect this is something to do with creating a new layer/table.

@survey_data_package || '|layername=TheLayerToSaveOutputTo'

If I manually set the geopackage and layer name the string looks like this

ogr:dbname='FilePath/Geopackage.gpkg' table="TheLayerToSaveOutputTo" (geom)

So I was hoping an expression like the one below would allow me to use a "pre-calculated value" and insert the date etc and standardise the file name. I have tried various possibilities like having the output table name as "myoutput" or myoutput

'ogr:dbname=' || 
' table=' || 
'myoutput'  || 
  • I think it must be '''myoutput''', cause it must have the double " before and after the name!
    – katagena
    Aug 10, 2023 at 20:13

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This syntax worked

||  @survey_data_package  
|| ' table='
|| 'Survey_' 
||  format_date(now(),'yyyy_MM')

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