Looking to add a function of my labeling expression to not label feature with the word 'TO". For example, some roads are named '5th TO I-10'. I am using Python as the parser with advanced checked.

Here is what I have so far. The split function is working as intended.

def FindLabel ([SFEANME]):
   word = 'TO'
   if word in [SFEANME]
      return Null
    return [SFEANME].split(" ")[0]

[SFEANME] is the field for the feature name and is text type.

Here is the error I get when verifying: "The expression contains an error. Modify the expression and try again. Error 0 on line 0. SyntaxError: invalid syntax (, line 3)."

I have tried using "" and without "" around TO, as well as simply: if TO in [SFEANME]

I have not been able to find anyone trying to do something like this in Label Expression so maybe there is a better way, or I do not know how to syntax properly like the error message says.

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There are a number of problems in your script:

  1. Missing colon (:) at end of if line
  2. Null is not a keyword in Python; use None for NULL in Python
  3. Missing colon (:) at end of else line
  4. Inconsistent use of leading whitespace causing poor indentation (Python is very fussy about this... note that I only picked this up when doing a copy/paste, so it may not actually be true in your real code, but is certainly true in the code you have here)

I think the error is complaining about the first of these items.

Try this code, which fixes the problems listed above:

def FindLabel ([SFEANME]):
    word = 'TO'
    if word in [SFEANME]:
        return None
        return [SFEANME].split(" ")[0]
  • Thank you for the help. That works! I found that I can also filter out all labels that would have 'TO' with SQL Query when Method is set to define classes of features and label each class differently with NOT LIKE '%TO%'.
    – AFang
    Mar 25 at 13:27
  • @AFang yes, that's probably a better way to do it. :-) Mar 28 at 0:22

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