How can we separate shoreline from shallow water sea and land area in a LISS 3 image using ERDAS 2011 software?

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I'm not a user of ERDAS software, but i'm wondering if you could use any of these datasets to help you distinguish particular features in the coastal environment you're working on?

I've found the GSHHG dataset a useful tool in the past.

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There are several options for land classification using Erdas. Since LISS3 imagery has two IR bands, you will be able to see good discrimination of water and land/vegetation. There are two major groups of land classification: pixel-based and object-oriented classification. For pixel-based classification methods, try using supervised maximum likelihood classification or ISODATA unsupervised classification--each are available in the Raster tab. Erdas Imagine also has a module for object-oriented classification called Erdas Imagine "Objective". I should note there is a steeper learning curve for the object-oriented classification. Either way, you should have good luck differentiating water and land with your imagery using any of these methods of land classification.

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