I've been having heaps of trouble getting OGR to connect to our SQL Server development environment. (read about it here and here)

SQL Versions: 2008, 2012
OS's: Windows 7, Ubuntu 12.04

My questions are:

1) What permissions does the user need in order to establish a connection to a SQL Server database with OGR?

2) Does anything need to be loaded on the SQL Server machine or application server itself?

I used to be able to connect even with QGIS, but that isn't working now either. (or here either)

Also: if you have a password with a ! in it, it will throw back a 'bash' error...fyi!

Ok thanks again, all!


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I can write to SQL Server 2008 with GDAL 1.10.1 using below command. I'm using SQL Server auth entication and a user that has connect, create procedure, create table, create view, select and showplan. I suspect that I only need, connect and create table for below.

Although I have also had to delete the geometry columns and spatial ref system tables at times 'manually'. At the moment these do not exist but this command works.

U:\>ogr2ogr -overwrite -nln "LCCGIS.CAD_Parcels_JSON" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:server=SQL2008P1\MSSQLSERVER32BIT;database=GISTEST;Uid=lccgis;pwd=password" jsonURL -lco "DIM=2"

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