I am using OpenGeo and OpenLayers 3. I managed to set a WMS layer from PostGis (Configure new SQL view) where I show points from coordinates I have in database. I also managed (following tutorial on docs.geoserver) to set the custom icon as graphic.

The next step is that this graphic icon changed on mouse over. I understand, that only image is transferred to client from GeoServer since I am using WMS. But there must be a way to do that. Is it? I think I must use WFS, but maybe I am wrong. What then? There are not plenty examples for OpenLayers3.

Icon style:

               xlink:href="image.png" />

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You would have to use WFS to get the effect you want. Unfortunately, I haven't looked at much version 3 code, but in version 2, you would create client-side default and highlight styles with an icon. You would then add a select control to the layer with "hover" set to true.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

  • Yes I already did this in OpenLayers 2. But I am building a page, that will go online in a year, so I decided to use OpenLayers 3.
    – Makla
    Apr 9, 2014 at 7:30

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