I would like to a offline package to determine the country a person lives in from a text field in a database named locatoin. I started using CLAVIN which gives good results sometimes but surprisingly dosn't work on easy results. For example:

  • "Toronto, Canada"
  • "Fremantle, WA"

Both fail to return a result. I have deliberately skipped out the GeoParsing steps as I already know the text is an location. I am using the LuceneLocationResolver class, for example initialise the object:

LuceneLocationResolver locRes = new LuceneLocationResolver(file, 1, 10);

Create a location occurrence instance:

LocationOccurrence LocationOccurrence_instance = new LocationOccurrence("Toronto, Canada",0);

Add it to a list and try and resolve the location:

List<ResolvedLocation> result = locRes.resolveLocations(locations, false);

Am I using CLAVIN in the right way or is it just not up to scratch?

Backgroud: my main applicatoin is in Python but couldn't find anything that would do the job. So i'm using JPype to interact with CLAVIN using Python.

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Sorry for the late response. CLAVIN would prefer to treat "Toronto, Canada" as two separate locations. So, you should try creating two LocationOccurrence instances:

LocationOccurrence LocationOccurrence_A = new LocationOccurrence("Toronto",0);
LocationOccurrence LocationOccurrence_B = new LocationOccurrence("Canada",9);

I hope that helps. Good luck!

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