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1 answer

Closing popup removes Navbar

I have an esri popup in my web app MapView: // Add the map to a MapView const view = new MapView({ container: "viewDiv", map: map, center: [-82.9001, ...
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Close files handlers used by processing:runalg("qgis.difference"......) or os.popen("gdalwarp -q -cutline.......)

How can I do to close all files used by functions that I use in my plugin like processing:runalg("qgis.difference"......) os.popen("gdalwarp -q -cutline.......) After runing my function, if I ...
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2 answers

Find closest point using L.GeometryUtil.closest and open its popup

How do I use: L.GeometryUtil.closest(myMap, coords, b) to find the closest point in a geojson point layer in leaflet. I have tried several things. And the error I receive is: Uncaught TypeError: ...
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How close project QGIS (* .qgs) without saving (PyQGIS)

I have several *.qgs projects and I want to open each project, add layer, export composer and close this project withot saving. Goto next project and repeat this operations. But I did not find any ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Closing attribute table with PyQGIS

I have a QGIS 2.18.0 plugin which updates a join between two layers (spatial and non-spatial layer). QGIS crashes when I run the plugin and the attribute table of the joined layer is open. There is no ...
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Which interpolation method is used in the close gaps module of Saga GIS?

I like to close gaps in a raster layer using the Module Close Gaps of Saga. I can not find which interpolation method is used by the module. Which method is used by the module and/or where can I find ...
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QGIS reshape features to close indents in polygons

Have already run the buffer tool and do not want to make the polygons any larger with another buffer run. Reshape features tool seems like it should work I am just not seeing how to operate it after ...
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