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Questions tagged [fme-flow-hosted]

FME Cloud is a version of Safe Software's FME Server installation that runs on virtual hardware.

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Where to place workspace runner while running second FME workspace inside another workspace?

Case 1 : I am facing issue is when I placing WorkSpaceRunner at starting it taking all records which is not required but files are getting generated(Output is getting as per expected). Case 2: ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to set output directory in Writer dynamically?

I am trying to export feature set into CSV using writer. But when I tried to set variable as directory path for dataset it throw me error checkout picture 1. When I set manually folder path it work ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Joining two different output of custom transformer into one

I am working on FME script which generated two output one is 1-1 where building outline are link to one parcel ( even if it related to multiple parcels) and another output is 1-M where building ...
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Is there a way to use an existing Elastic Block Store (EBS) with an FME Cloud instance?

I am seeing help topics for all items except Resources. What is the best way to make EBS data available to FME Cloud instance? Would I need to make it available via one of my own EC2 instances? Or ...
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