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In this context, IDE is an abbreviation for Integrated Development Environment

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Return geoprocessing messages to Python IDE

I'm using a Python IDE (PyScripter) to run geoprocessing tools in an ArcPy script. If I were running the GP tools in ArcMap, I'd see various messages in the temporary window that pops up: Image ...
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Problem writing accented words in Code Editor

In Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR) it's common for words to have accents, as in "coleção", which means collection. I use macOS and whenever I need to write some accented word like "índice&...
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IDE with Spyder to works with both ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap?

I am searching for an IDE with Spyder that works with both ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap. I did found a suggested answer Using spyder as Python IDE with ArcGIS Pro?, but would like to know if any more ...
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Unable to run ArcPy in VS Code? [closed]

I am having some trouble running arcpy in VS Code. When I run my simple test scrtipt: import arcpy in_shp = r'S:\CVT\ChesterfieldTwp\Data\GIS\Layers\Utilities\SanitarySewer.shp' for field in arcpy....
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How to setup Visual Studio Code (Windows) for PyQGIS 2 or 3?

I'm trying to use Visual Studio Code (VSC) as IDE for my QGIS plugins with the Python extension, but something doesn't work as expected. I've been reading about the PyCharm config from Gary S. but I ...
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IDE (PyCharm) settings for developing with Processing in Linux (Ubuntu)

How to setup Python interpreter in IDE to develop using Processing module? I need this not for running from IDE, but to have tips about classes, methods, arguments etc. IDE: PyCharm 2016.3 (but ...
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Differences between Python window and IDLE for Scripting with ArcGIS Desktop?

I'm making a power point presentation about the differences between Python window and IDLE for my coworkers. I only use the python window to get feedback from my custom toolbars. I tried using it once ...
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