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A Leaflet plugin for working with Web Map services,

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Zoomfit to the selected polygon of WMS Layer using Leaflet Js

I have problem in zoom fitting the selected polygon of WMS Layer. For example, I have a World shapefile. I make a dropdown menu for country names, I did when I choose a country from dropdown menu only ...
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Show WMS information in popup on Leaflet map?

I need to view WMS information through a popup in Leaflet map. I tried with the code below, but the popup doesn't come out with information, but automatically downloads a file. map =
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1 answer

GetFeatureInfo is not working on multiple layer

This is my map URL: When I click on the map, I'm able not to get the information (GetFeatureInfo) of the overlay layers. I can get only GetFeatureInfo of the top layer. I ...
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Leaflet opacity slider with L.tileLayer.wms

I would like to control the opacity of a wms layer (using L.tileLayer.wms) in Leaflet using an opacity slider. In L.tileLayer.wms I can control the opacity by setting the opacity:value. This is my ...
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Merge all layers become a single layer in WMS

I am using ArcGIS Server now to create my WMS, but my WMS has many layers and I use another program (The Leica Spider Business), it can add the WMS in the basemap, but you just can choose only one ...
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Filter getInfo request

Following this example and according to Leaflet WMS documentation I extended L.WMS.Source class and overwrote hooks (e.g. showFeatureInfo). My example can be found here. When I use the code as ...
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