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Date is missing in CRU data

I used the following code to extract "Climate research Unit" climate data. However extracted data showing "Date : NaN, NaN (min, max)". pre <- brick("cru_ts4.06.1901....
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Raster calculation with conditions in R

I have two rasters (A,B) with the same resolution, extent and crs. Now I would like to generate a raster C with the value 1 for each cell that have a value of 30 or higher in A and B. I use a loop, ...
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How to analyze Pearson's correlation and VIF between raster layers using R?

I have 30 raster layers (.tiff) on oceanic and climatic environmental variables from all over the world downloaded from global databases. I need to analyze the relationship that may exist between ...
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Geolocating and writing many TIFFs at same time using R

I have found a way to give a PNG the CRS and location of a geolocated TIFF, and to convert the PNG to TIFF. Now I have to apply it to different PNGs in the same folder (all named Pt6_frame1, ...
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Loop Issue: Extracting mean temps for each layer of RasterStack (NetCDF File)

I am running into a little bit of a problem with a RasterStack loop. I am trying to extract the mean temperature for each county in North Carolina for each hour over the last 10 years. I am able to ...
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Extracting all levels of a NetCDF file and exporting as multiband raster

I am trying to convert this .nc file with land cover data from ESA CCI ( There is a separate .nc file for each year, and each file contains the ...
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RasterBrick from large rasterStack takes long to process in R

I have a list of 420 rasterLayer .tif files that I need to create a rasterBrick from. I first create a stack: library(raster) rList <- list.files(pattern = ".tif") rasterStack <- stack(...
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Changing resolution of rasterbrick using R

I have a rasterbrick « env1 » with following informations : class : RasterBrick dimensions : 3008, 2913, 8762304, 8 (nrow, ncol, ncell, nlayers) resolution : 0.00331, 0.00207 (x, y) extent ...
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RasterBrick coordinates in R

I plotted a RasterBrick, but I want to know the coordinates of each corner. I see that xmin = 3263575, xmax = 3300872, etc., but how are those coordinates? class : RasterStack dimensions : 161, ...
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Add layer to RasterBrick R

I have a RasterBrick and I am trying to add new layers to it, (with addLayer) but every time I try I receive the following message: Error in sapply(x, fromDisk) & sapply(x, inMemory) : ...
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Converting RasterBrick object to im object in R

During script execution I need to convert 'RasterBrick' to 'im' object. Package 'geostatsp' is supposed to do this job: library(geostatsp) myraster = raster(matrix(1:100,10,10), xmn=0,xmx=10,ymn=0,ymx=...
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