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Questions tagged [rhumb-line]

A line whose azimuth (bearing) is constant throughout its path. It is also known as a loxodrome (roughly, "bent course").

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3 answers

calculate bearing from one MapPoint to another MapPoint

I am using Esri.ArcGISRuntime package inside a C# program we are writing. I need to create specific shapes from a reference point and project them in different directions. This is easy to create a ...
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How to calculate rhumb line distance "due East" between two points

First off, I am very new to GIS, so an explanation to the given solution/formula would be great. How do I calculate a constant bearing distance (rhumb line) of "due East"/"due West" from point1 to ...
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Moving dead ahead: rhumb line, great circle or none

I think I understand the whole rhumb line and great circle idea but I can't seem to find an answer on this question. Suppose I am driving a car (i don't use ship because I don't want to put the ...
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cross track distance to great cicle line and rhumb line

How to calculate cross track distance to great cicle line and rhumb line? For great circle line, I've tried this formula, but it is not accurate while the distance is less than 0.1nm. For rhumb ...
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Prior art on rhumb line and great ellipse areas?

I'm adding the computation of the area betweeen a rhumb line or a great ellipse and the equator to GeographicLib. My formulations are briefly given in here and here. These formulations are similar ...
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Google Earth / QGIS projection (great circle line)

Here is my question: 1- Based on a long distance segment ( approx 2000 km) drawn on Google Earth and imported as shapefile in QGIS I want to obtain a terrain profile based on "Terrain Profile" plugin....
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Should geometries be drawn using rhumb-line or great-circle paths?

I work with WGS-84 coordinates and, most of the time, my map display (luciadmap) is in Mercator projection. My client is surprised to see that, for a rectangular geometry: the line between the 2 ...
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Is There A Term For The Old Maps That Had Lines Connecting Pin-Wheels?

Many old maps have lines like below. Is there a term for a map with that type of lines? (from My best hypothesis is that ...
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