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How to isolate Scottish spatial data in public dataset?

I want to get Scotland's Council Wards geospatial data. The link on links to OS Opendata Boundary line. But that dataset is for the entire UK. In that dataset is the shapefile ...
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National Library of Scotland Tileserver

I am a novice, self-taught QGIS user (using v3.10.0) and I would like to integrate the National Library of Scotland (NLS) Tileserver API into QGIS, but I just can't crack it. Tile server is https://...
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Query SEPA server for river data

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency has an ARCGis server with river data I'd like to query. At this URL it shows what I want to ...
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Locating a layer to download for my project

I'm trying to find a layer that I can download that will allow me to show the administrative areas of Scotland. I've found plenty sources for downloads but can't seem to find what i'm looking for. ...
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Patchy country polygon after converting ESRI shapefile to KML

My goal is to render the country boundary of Scotland in KML format so I can use it with Google Fusion Tables. I’ve so far managed to do this but with chunks of its surrounding islands missing, so ...
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Accuracy of coordinates from 1960's Scotland?

I have been provided with Lat/Long coordinates from a reference station recorded in 1969. When I plot the coordinates into Google Earth the location appears to be out by c.100m. Is this due to the ...
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Seeking Elevation Data for Scotland? [closed]

I have been searching for quality elevation data for the entire Scotland but I have not succeeded yet. Do you know where to get the data in Raster or Vector formats? Accuracy is very important as ...
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Downloading free DEM for Scotland, UK?

I need a DEM file for Scotland, UK. Do you know where I can get it from for free? I need to create a watershed for an area of study.
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Missing Scottish Administrative Data in OS Opendata sets

I'm not sure if this forum is really the correct place to ask, but impertinence would lead me to believe that there may be some one on here that may know the answer. I'm using the Ordnance Survey Open ...
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