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Grabbing full file path of a zipped geodatabase using Python [closed]

I am attempting to grab the file path of a file within a zipped file. For example, I have this file: "E:\API_creation\upload\\TestingData.gdb". I would like to create a python ...
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Loop for exporting records from a shapefile and zip each record [closed]

I'm trying to build a shapefile for each record in my original shapefile, buffer it and then zip them (i.e. the record and its buffer). I have updated a scripts based on early script published on this ...
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FME retrieve zip filename

I am processing a large number of zip files which each consist of individual shapefiles named polygon, polyline and point. The zip filename is the feature class name. So for example, and ...
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Linking to external files with relative path in QGIS actions

Objective: I have point layers with attributes that contain paths to external files (Visio, AutoCAD dwg...). I want to put them all in one folder together with the project file, compress the folder ...
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