I'm migrating an application from OpenLayers 2 which uses OpenLayers.Util.destinationVincenty() to compute the projected latitude and longitude of a point from an origin given an angle and distance in metres.

destinationVincenty() and the other related geodesic utility functions are absent in OpenLayers 3. I guess that they have been replaced by some other facility, but I'm struggling to find anything that helps. I can't believe that I will have to re-code the Vincenty logic in my application, so...

Does anyone know of an embedded OL3 solution for geodesic arithmetic?


Some things are already in the library but at the moment, when the generated library is bundled, it does not export Vincenty methods. If you make your custom OpenLayers 3 build, you can change this behaviour.

You should also ask on the official OpenLayers 3 list at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ol3-dev and take a look at those issues on the Github OpenLayers 3 repository.


Old post, but came across it looking for drawing geodesic ellipsoids in OL3. If you just want to add it without creating a custom build, take a look at ellipsoid.js in the OL3 distro (ol\ol\ellipsoid). The vincenty methods appear to be in there without the greek symbols.

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