I am trying to programatically change the "Show all labels and features for all layers" option for a layer which display diagrams.

This option doesn't seem to appear in QgsDiagramRendererV2 api. It seems to be related to QgsPalGeometry, but I can't figure how to set that option so that all diagrams are rendered, even overlapping ones.

Can anybody help on that ?

Still no success to turn that option on. I figured out that it is a global option, and found in QGis api the setShowingAllLabels method in the QgsPalLabeling class. This is obviously the one I am looking for, but I couldn't manage to make it work :

pal = self.iface.mapCanvas().mapRenderer().labelingEngine()

This code doesn't have any effects.

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This code is the answer :

myMapRenderer = self.iface.mapCanvas().mapRenderer()
mLBL = QgsPalLabeling()

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