I am using the configurable map viewer and I have fields in many of my layers that I want to use to link to documents with URLs.

Does anyone have any idea how I would do this out of the pop-up window?

I figure that I have to configure the identify.js file but I can't figure out how to accomplish what I want.


You can just enable hyperlinks under the display tab for the layer properties. Add a new value field and then paste the exact url link you want for each value. Select the feature with the hyperlink tool and the page should appear.


This is what it should look like:

yourID: {
            0: {
                title: 'YourTitle',
                description: '',
                    fieldInfos: [{
                    fieldName: 'value',
                    label: 'yourLabel',
                    visible: true
                  mediaInfos: [{
                     "title": "",
                     "caption": "",
                     "type": "image",
                     "value": {
                     "sourceURL": "{link}",
                     "linkURL": "{link}"

I found the template here:



Here's the way I do it using some simple HTML.

identifies: {
    zoning: {
        9: {
            title: 'Zoning',
            description: [
                '<table class="attrTable">',
                    '<tr valign="top">',
                        '<td class="attrName">Zoning:</td>',
                        '<td class="attrValue">{Zoning8}</td>',
                    '<tr valign="top">',
                        '<td class="attrName">Zoning Ordinance:</td>',
                        '<td class="attrValue"><a href="http://www.cityofpetaluma.net/cdd/plan-zoning.html" target="_blank">Description</td>',

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