I use ArcGIS Javascript api in 3.12 version. I have followed this sample in order to display editing toolbar plus template picker. It works pretty good. However I would like to hide popup window with attributes editor which is displayed after new graphic is added. That's because I already have attached to every FeatureLayer my own InfoTemplate:

    var template = new InfoTemplate();
    var layer = new Dependencies.FeatureLayer(layers[i].serviceUrl, {
        mode : Dependencies.FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND,
        infoTemplate : template,
        outFields : [ "*" ],

How can I achieve that?


If you want to suppress popups while editing a particular layer, set disableAttributeUpdate = true in the corresponding layerInfo when instantiating the widget.

This is mentioned in the API reference in the 'Constructor Details' section.

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