I have this query that is trying to update my geom column that's built off of lat and lng coordinates

UPDATE main_table SET geom = ST_SetSRID(ST_MakePoint(lng, lat) ,4326);

However it returns that function st_makepoint(text, text) does not exist and gives me a hint to add explicit type casts, so I updated my query to

UPDATE main_table SET geom = ST_SetSRID(
ST_MakePoint(lng:: double precision, lat:: double precision) ,4326);

And now it's throwing an error invalid input syntax for type double precision:.

Just a note, right now my lats and longs are stored as text because I had to use a pg restore to load the table, so I'm sure that's where the problem is but don't know how to address it.

  • you might have left out part of the error message; was it invalid input syntax for type double precision: ""? If so, you need to filter these out with WHERE lng <> '' AND lat <> ''.
    – Mike T
    Jul 26, 2015 at 3:08

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No space should be (also float8 is the same as double precision and a bit faster to type)

UPDATE main_table SET geom = ST_SetSRID(
  ST_MakePoint(lng::float8, lat::float8) ,4326);

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