I managed to add xy coordinate in GeoExplorer, I use OpenGeo suite to use GeoExplorer. I added the OpenLayers mouse position code to the composer in order to show the coordinates. Please consider my previous question and answer:

how to show coordinate on a geoexplorer map by moving the mouse?

The problem is, when I publish my map and use iframe tag the coordinate system will disappear. I even changed the "viewer" to "composer" in iframe tag, but still no result.


You will need to add your new tool to the viewerTools array as well, did you do this?


  • Thank you very much for your answer. Since I am new in using geoexplorer I am not very familiar with the code. I didnt add a new tool to the viewerTools array. I didnt find config.viewerTools = ({ //etc}) in GeoExplorer.js, however, the code exists in GeoExplorer-debug.js. when I add the whole code you mentioned in your comment to GeoExplorer.js the geoexplorer stops working. Would you please give me some more hints how should I add a new tool to GeoExplorer.js? – Negin Aug 18 '15 at 16:37

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