couldn't see the map on the browser while using QGIS2LEAF Plugin in QGIS 2.10 Pisa. It gives error on web page saying:

error at line 8: L is undefined.

Please let me know if anyone knows the solution.


Firstly to get good answers on this site, you should try to provide better information (like the relevant portion and headers of your html file). This is why your question has been down-voted by somebody.

The error means that the reference to the Leaflet mapping library is incorrect or missing. You must either have a valid local copy with a correct path (in the head or after the body of the HTML but before your map script) or reference the CDN. Read the documentation on how to do it here.

EDIT (after thought):
QGIS2LEAF is no longer under development so you may have better luck with QGIS2WEB anyway, which supersedes it.

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