I have a few papers and youtube videos explaining how to conduct the NN classification in eCognition but it isnt giving me any output.

I think the confusion is arising when trying to define the statistics in eCognition Developer.

Could someone like a step by step guide for dummies or explain it to me in very simple terms?

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I think I had the same issue. First check that all your classes including unclassified class, are selected in your Class filter (see image). I hope that will solve your problem. I have to say as great as eCognition is, it's interface does tack some time to know

enter image description here

for a great step by step guide look at this page

This is one of the best GIS/RS blogs.

one tip when doing a NN classification, have a look at the use of the feature space optimization tool. It will give you mush better results if you do that before the NN classification.


You should give some more background; What I do, once there's a loaded image:

  1. In the process tree window: right click: append new > multiresolution segmentation, parameters: Scale = 100;
  2. Classification > class hierarchy; add your classes
  3. Classification > Nearest Neighbor > Edit NN Feature space; add your values, such as layers>mean or texture by double clicking
  4. Apply standard to NN classes
  5. Training: Classification>Samples>select samples -for each class;
  6. In Process tree tab, right click: append new>classification and execute

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