The company I work for has asked me to create a number of templates for the different maps we include in our reports. What would be the best way of creating templates (logo, scale bar, legend).

Is there any resource (youtube or guide) you can suggest?

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You can easily save map templates from print composer, see documentation.

  1. Create a map composer

    In your project go Project --> New Print Composer and set a name for map composer. You can also use Composer Manager for this step

  2. Prepare your map output in composer

    Add title, map windows, legends and set desired parametres for this items

  3. Saving as a template

    In print composer window click Composer --> Save as Template...

  4. Using a template

    In main QGIS window (project) open composer manager Project --> Composer Manager.... In New from template option select Specific and select your saved template.

In composer manager window you can load your templates, creating new or duplicate previously created composers in project.

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