I created a vector layer using the EPSG:3857 / Pseudo-Mercator CRS. After randomly sampling points within it, I am now trying to export their lat/long values in a different projection (e.g., a UTM based projection). It seems that redefining the layer CRS via either the:

Rick-click on layer > Set CRS...


Vector > Data Management Tools > Define Current Projection...

does not induce changes in the coordinates that are output by the:

Vector > Geometry Tools > Export/Add Geometry Columns...


It appears that only saving the vector layer as a new layer with a new CRS will induce changes in the coordinates that are output.

Is this the appropriate behavior? Are the Set CRS... and Define Current Projection... functions purely for visualization? Can others confirm that this is the behavior that occurs for them when they follow the same workflow?

Using QGIS 2.14.8-Essen.

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Yes, changing the projection there does not actually alter the features in the layer. Coordinates will remain unchanged. It's just used to specify what crs those coordinates are in.

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    Is there a way to adjust coordinates apart from creating a new layer?
    – jbukoski
    Commented Nov 26, 2016 at 2:46

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