I have some CAD data that needs to be georeferenced. I create my first control point, and everything goes well, the drawing shifts to the correct control point. As soon as I try to create a second control point, the first control point disappears. Then it acts as if my second control point is now the first control point.

I've done this before, but I'm not sure what the problem is now.


  • I bring in my .dwg file.
  • Open the georeferencing toolbar, select the file I want to georeference, then I click the "Add Control Points" button.
  • I click where I want my first control point, then right click and select "Input DMS of lon and lat." (I prefer to create control point using this method).
  • Once I enter the lat and long, that creates my first control point.
  • I repeat this process to create my other control points, however instead of creating a second and third control point, it "starts over" at control point #1 and will NOT create a second and/or third point.

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