I got 10-20 QGIS-Users which edit all one Project online and offline. Sometimes they do it at the same time. Until now we only used QGisDesktop with a PostGis Database stored in QGIS Cloud(50MB Version).

Now we want to introduce QFieldApp. I already tried collecting data and it was great. We could see the added data within seconds on our laptop and Smartphones. But it worked only online!

So my Question is: Is it anyhow possible to collect data offline with a postgis database in QField? (Also with manaually synchronization)

I know the QField Team is working on this. "Connection based on-/offline synchronization" http://www.qfield.org/docs/development/index.html

Does someone know how long it will take till this service is published ?

The second Part of my Question is: Is it possible to move a Database from QGisCloud to an other cloudservice like for example OneDrive? How do you do that?

I have read this post: Can the QField Android App integrate with Dropbox (in order to open & edit/view a desktop Project)?

But it is not clear to me how to move or how to create a database on this Server.

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