I am trying to create a hiking map. I use print composer to print a section of the map and let print composer create a UTM grid with 1000 map units distance. after i print to pdf and then to paper (A4), I measure using a ruler that the the distance between 5 grid lines is not 200mm as expected but 201mm. the features on the map is also stretched by 1 mm.

when i change the grid option in print composer to use mm instead, the grid is 200mm as expected so this is not a printer setting.

How can I fix this "stretching"?

Version: QGIS 2.18 windows and 2.18 ubuntugis project CSR: WSG_84 / UTM32N Map location: UTM zone 32V scale in canvas and print composer: 1:25000


Try checking the settings in the print dialogue box when you click to print the PDF using your printer. There may be a scaling option, or manual scaling setting on there that you've missed.

  • I have triple checked this =) the mm based grid generated by print composer is not scaled, so this must be something in qgis or how i use it. or maybe i have too high expectations of the accuracy, i am new to GIS software. – fbe Jun 20 '17 at 8:46

Okay, I do not know exactly what the issue was but now it seems to be solved.

I tried some things some things without luck: -use foxxit pdf printer, set its a4 size to mm. -check "avoid artifacts when renderes as tiles".

but it did not work before i created a new project and set everything up this way again.

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