I have a large number of files, over 7000. I need to run GDAL commands on those files, but I am limited by 8191 characters in Windows. Is there any way to avoid this limitation?


first you create a vrt with all your files, then you use this vrt as input of your other tools.

Of course, building vrt will also be limited in number of characters, but :

  • you can use wildcard *, e.g gdalbuildvrt output.vrt /path/to/input/example*.tif

  • you can use a text file with all the names of your input files in it (onefile per line), using gdalbuildvrt output.vrt -input_file_list my_list.txt


It depends on what GDAL command you want to perform but using optfile as documented in http://www.gdal.org/gdal_utilities.html may come to your rescue.

--optfile file

Read the named file and substitute the contents into the command line options list. Lines beginning with # will be ignored. Multi-word arguments may be kept together with double quotes.

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