Can I use cesiumjs without bingmap api key. I need to create a viewer which should use my own wms layer and osm. Further i want to use it as a platform for geospatial analysis on my spatial data. As i know cesiumjs is a opensource tool but why it needs bingmap api key.

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Cesium uses the Bing key for two purposes, so to get it to stop warning about the key you have to turn both of these off:

  1. The default imagery layer is Bing Maps.
  2. The Geocoder widget uses Bing API for geocoding.

The first one is obvious, and you already have a replacement lined up. But the second one is the gotcha, most people overlook it. You can construct the Cesium viewer with geocoder: false in the options object to turn it off. Once you've done both of these things, the Bing key will no longer be in use and the warning message will disappear.

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