I am building an ArcMap Addin that contains several Windows Forms with controls that need to be bound to a database. I am trying to decide whether or not to use a native SQL Server Database or an SDE Geodatabase.

I would like to link the forms to the features on the map, which suggests I should use the geodatabase, but I have not found anyway to bind geodatabase tables and fields to WinForms controls at design-time.

Has anyone successfully created a Dataset (xsd) in Visual Studio from an SDE Geodatabase?

  • I tried to do what you are claiming, its quit interesting that.....i came to the conclusion of build some kind of ORM that can conect to the ArcSDE
    – XtianGIS
    Commented Oct 5, 2012 at 20:05
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It is not possible to couple a VS Dataset (xsd) and ArcSDE Geodatabase without huge efforts. Although you can data bind .NET controls to your geadatabase attributes which in fact emulates a VS dataset (xsd).

you can download ArcDatabinding sample C# project from EDN that does the data binding.

It implements PropertyDescriptor, BindingList and ITypedList of .NET Framework.

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