In ArcGIS Online, I have a point layer with attributes Provider1, Provider2, Provider3.....Provider13. The values are text consisting of people's names.

I would like to configure the popup to concatenate the Providers separated by a semi-colon. However, some points only have a value for Provider1. Other points only have a value for Provider1 and Provider2. Other points only have a value for Provider1, and Provider2, and Provider3... etc.

Currently I simply have:

Concatenate($feature.PROVIDER1, ';', $feature.PROVIDER2, ';', 
$feature.PROVIDER3,';', $feature.PROVIDER4,';',$feature.PROVIDER5)

But for points that have only Provider1, the popup shows:

John J. Doe; ; ; ;

Is there a way to to have the expression "stop" trying to concatenate when it encounters an empty Provider value?

  • Yes is the short answer, you want to be studying the logic functions here. May be the IIF or When functions?
    – Hornbydd
    Nov 8, 2017 at 23:22

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You must test IsEmpty for each value. You may try this code using the Labeling Profile at the Arcade Playground

//Array to hold values and an index
var i = 0;
var features = [];

//Add value to array if not empty
function addvalue(feat) {
    if (!IsEmpty(feat)) {
        features[i++] = feat;

//Add your values

//Return a concatenated string
return Concatenate(features, ";")

This will return:


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