I'm looking for an open source implementation of the off-screen canvas technique in Leaflet. This technique is useful to speed rendering of many thousands of like images to an HTML5 Canvas: The image is drawn once to a canvas object that is not part of the HTML document, and then copied (as a bitmap) repeatedly to the visible canvas.

Here's an excerpt from Dense canvas, offscreen (@ckrahe) on CodePen:

_offscreen = document.createElement("canvas");
_otx = _offscreen.getContext("2d");
_otx.fillStyle = "#0000ff";
_ctx.drawImage(_offscreen, (x - CIRCLE_RADIUS), (y - CIRCLE_RADIUS));

This canvas app (i.e. non-Leaflet) draws 50,000 circles in a fraction of the time than the naive approach draws 1,000 (where each arc is rendered and styled individually).

Consider this admittedly-contrived Leaflet 1.2 example (it randomly generates 50,000 L.CircleMarkers). Each time the map moves, the 'moveend' event triggers internal Leaflet calls to Canvas._updatePaths. The supporting method, _updateCircle, invokes 'arc' directly to the visible canvas.

_updateCircle: function (layer) {

    if (!this._drawing || layer._empty()) { return; }

    var p = layer._point,
        ctx = this._ctx,
        r = layer._radius,
        s = (layer._radiusY || r) / r;

    this._drawnLayers[layer._leaflet_id] = layer;

    if (s !== 1) {
        ctx.scale(1, s);

    ctx.arc(p.x, p.y / s, r, 0, Math.PI * 2, false);

    if (s !== 1) {

    this._fillStroke(ctx, layer);

Clearly each L.CircleMarker has its own Options object reference and, possibly, style. But it's at least conceivable that a plugin could, perhaps with a hint, detect like layers and optimize their drawing.



There are a number of plugins to Leaflet that use Canvas. One that springs to mind is Leaflet.Canvas-Markers. This possibly sounds like it might fit your use case?

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