I have recently moved to using GRASS for GIS within R and I would like to extract values of a raster dataset that overlap with polygons (i.e. something like 'extract' in the raster package of R).

I can perform my task for spatial points as follows:

execGRASS("r.what", flags="n", map="temperatureRaster", Sys_input=paste(x, y, site, sep=' '), separator=",", intern=TRUE)

However, I have spatial polygons not spatial points. Eventually, I would like to calculate a mean value for all raster cells whose centroid overlaps with each spatial polygon.


I would suggest using the GRASS module v.rast.stats as it "calculates univariate statistics from a raster map based on a vector map and uploads statistics to new attribute columns".

  • Yes, that looks like what I need. However, I think I would first like to get the vector map of all the points (raster cell centroids) inside each of my polygons. Do you know how I could do that? – tsutsume Jan 16 '18 at 11:17

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