I'm trying to determine the version number of several WFS using the python module owslib. since i need to use this version number in ogr2ogr (and for some reason, python's ogr2ogr only works in Qgis' editor), i am runnign this in Qgis 3.2's python editor window.

This has been working fine for around 5-6 wfs urls (both with http and https). however when i get to the url: https://arealinformation.miljoeportal.dk/gis/services/DAIdb/MapServer/WFSServer?service=WFS

the code:

from owslib.wfs import WebFeatureService as wfsmod
url = "https://arealinformation.miljoeportal.dk/gis/services/DAIdb/MapServer/WFSServer?service=WFS"
wfs = wfsmod(url)

crashes and returns:

requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url: https://arealinformation.miljoeportal.dk/gis/services/DAIdb/MapServer/WFSServer?service=WFS%C2%A0+&request=GetCapabilities&version=1.0.0

I have tried the code both in the python console in qgis 3.2 and in a seperate python IDE. It works there without crashing. But as said, i need to run this in the editor because this snippet is part of a larger code, which doesn't function in the IDE and the python console window in qgis.

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