I have drawn ~40 polygons over NAIP imagery to collect their R, G, B color bands. I now want to export each polygon with its associated RGB color values into a CSV file so I can plot the polygons against one another and compare them. I have attatched a screenshot of my geometry polygons and their color bands.

[Inspector tab shows associated R, G, B color values with individual drawn polygons]1

  • Please include the code into the question and a link to your script (which includes the polygons). This way it is easier for anyone trying to help you, so they don't have to type code from your screenshot. – Kersten Dec 1 '18 at 8:56

You can get a list of the values using reduceRegion (or reduceRegions if you have multiple geometries) and the ee.Reducer.toList() reducer (or the toCollection reducer if you want to export a table).

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