By using closest facility in ArcMap, I found closest path between 78 points. Now, I am trying to split this route at intersection points by using feature to line management tool.

However, I have a topoengine error :

Error 999999: Error executing function. Invalid Topology[Topoengine error]. Failed to execute.

What I have tried is that :

  1. I used repair geometry.

  2. I used check geometry.

  3. I unchecked background processing from geoprocessing option.

  4. I copied the data to new file geodatabase.

But, I could not fix the problem. Do you have any suggestion to me ?

enter image description here

  • Try dissolve to single part lines. – FelixIP Mar 8 at 5:27
  • Thanks, I have used multiparttoSinglepart_management tool but did not work. @FelixIP – Ribella Mar 8 at 16:17
  • Dissolve tool has nothing to do with what you did. – FelixIP Mar 8 at 19:07
  • I have used dissolve_management to have single part then I used featuretoline_management, I have again topoengine error. Do you have any other suggestion to me ? – Ribella Mar 8 at 20:38
  • Why feature to line? Dissolve should give you perfect network. – FelixIP Mar 8 at 20:58

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