I was able to see the types of cables ("* TYPE " in my data table) entered manually and the length of these cables (automatically calculated using the " Slength *" function with the name LONG in the field calculator). this whole info on the same label


enter image description here

It is now impossible to make visible the orientation of the cables (Shape of line type) in gradians (between 0 and 400), with the origin reference in the Eastern direction.


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To get line angle you can use field calculator depending what exactly you need: - line_interpolate_angle(geometry,distance) - angle_at_vertex(geometry,vertex)

For more details check help in field calculator: enter image description here

Result is in degrees (north origin), to convert it in grads you need to multiply by (400/360). So field calculator expression would be something like: line_interpolate_angle($geometry,0) * (400 / 360).

Since you need angle originating from east you will need to add 90°: (line_interpolate_angle($geometry,0)+90 )* (400 / 360) and substract 400 for features that have value above 400g.

  • I'll have to do some ajusts but it was really helpfull. Thx May 27, 2019 at 12:57

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