I have published a query table that contains a BLOB field to ArcGIS REST and have not been able to access the images. I tried using esriRequest, but the response type that returns is text, and I think it should be image. I don't know if this is because there is something about the files the REST service doesn't like, or if I am missing something in the code. The images are currently being served out using PHP the query the SQL database. Here is the code I am trying to use to get the images:

var imageUrl = "https://ocean.floridamarine.org/arcgis/rest/services/.../MapServer/1/7";
    var params = {
        url: imageUrl,
        handleAs: "blob"
    console.log("request params ", params);
    var imageRequest = esriRequest(params);
    imageRequest.then(requestSucceeded, requestFailed);
    function requestSucceeded(response, io) {
        console.log("esriRequest response ", response);
        var reader = new FileReader();
        if (response.type == "image/png") {
          //if working with image data
          console.log("image response ", response);
        } else {
          console.log("reader response ", reader.readAsText(response));
    function requestFailed(error, io) {
       temp = temp + "<br/><div  style='text-align:center;'><strong>No Image Available</strong></div>";

The url points to this, but not sure if I should be seeing an image here: rest service endpoint

Here is a screenshot of the console: console

As you can see, the response type is text (should be seeing an image?)

What I am doing wrong? Is a better way to go about this?

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  • Is this a Web AppBuilder app, or just straight Esri JavaScript? – KHibma Jun 11 '19 at 19:06
  • The app was created using Web AppBuilder version 2.12. The images are currently being accessed on the server side using php. I don't have any specific knowledge about how the images are being written to the sql database, but I know they are submitted by the public through a web form. I am thinking that this is either a compatibility issue with ArcGIS (since the images were not inserted into the database by ArcMap), or maybe I am using the wrong method to try and extract them. – GeoGene Jun 12 '19 at 17:56

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