I currently have two file folders with a mxd in each of the folder. These two file structures and mxd name will be kept constant. Once a week or month, I will update these two mxd. Then, I will generate a couple of pmf (with data package) from these mxd, and save them into a another folder (fixed location).

Is there a way I can generate pmf with data package automatically (update interval set to once a week / month)?

Im on 9.3.1 Desktop, Server license, with Publisher. Sorry to say this but I do not have knowledge of scripts/python.

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This has been discussed previously on the ArcGIS Discussion Forums where an Esri employee said:

ArcMap currently there is no option to do this, arcpy doesn’t have access to the publisher extension which is required for creating a pmf from a mxd.

He suggests voting for the ArcGIS Idea to provide Python access to Publisher Extension!

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