I have finished georeferencing an image with no attached coordinate system. I was unsatisfied as the image was not accurately overlayed on the map. The dx/dy & Residual error values are not significantly high indicating that there was no human error in the georeferencing process.

I am trying to re-open the GCP table to add more points, however, I have been unable to find a way to do this. The only solution I can think of is to re-do the georeferencing. Is there a way to re-open the GCP table to add more points?

Version: QGIS 3.6 Operating System: Windows 10

  • I think you will have to re-georeference the raster, but you might be able to retrieve the GCP table so you don't have to start over. Have a look at this question: gis.stackexchange.com/q/328547/81764 – csk Aug 9 at 0:43

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