I have a polyline which represent the river bank of a particular section of a river drawn based on Satellite imagery. As you can see in the picture, it is drawn in red color. I have also a vertices which are generated from this polyline (yellow circle in picture). I want to measure azimuth in decimal degree with 6 precision of every line segment of this polyline, which will be added to the attribute table and can shown as labels in middle of the line segment. How can I proceed to do with QGIS?

Brahmaputra River Bank in Mymensingh, Bangladesh,

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Try Explode Lines tool (in Processing Toolbox > Vector geometry) to extract segments out of your red line layer.

Then open the Layer Properties > Label of the produced Exploded layer and give an expression:

degrees(azimuth(start_point($geometry), end_point($geometry)))

enter image description here

You need the labels, not the exploded line segments. To hide the Exploded line from showing on the map, set its Symbology to No symbols.

enter image description here

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