I've made a project in QGIS, imported a new layer with coordinates (points) from a csv-file. Finally I want to find this marks in the area within 10 cm.

In QGIS everything worked fine.

When I made the QField-Package, it works, I can open it in QField.

But the points are displayed not clear. It looks like, they've got a new dirty, blurred background. I already tried everything to lose it. But I haven't found a solution.

in QGis

in QField

QField Picture 2

Does anybody have an idea why this is?

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    this looks more like a problem of your background layer than of your point layer. what do you have as background?
    – sn1ks
    Jan 27, 2020 at 9:16
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    It look like the points are on a raster background as well as a vector layer could you edit your question with yopur QField-Package export setting ?
    – J.R
    Jan 27, 2020 at 9:31

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Seems that you created (maybe accidentially) a basemap in QFieldSync containing your point layer. Maybe by the use of a MapTheme.

enter image description here

Edit: Btw. once there has been a bug, that it created a basemap containing all the layers, leading to your behavior. In case it's that, then you can use a workaround by setting only the maps visible in your project, you want to have on your basemap.

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