I have data from Google maps with latitudes and longitude recorded like this:

lat long location
35.05 135.76 Kyoto
44.24 -123.72 Corvallis

The coordinates are from Google maps. The only CRS which displays all of the points is WGS 84 EPSG: 3857; other CRS display the points in wrong locations, only the first point, or no point at all. When I use the EPSG: 3857, however, no QuickMapServices maps work. The most they will display is a blue background.

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Use WGS 84 (EPSG::4326) to to define the coordinates (CRS) of the data and load OpenStreetMAP (OSM) data from QuickMapServices (QMS) normally, and the data will be located in the correct location after zooming in to the point location.

Here is an output of the data:

  • (Kyoto)

enter image description here

  • (Corvallis)

enter image description here

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