I have a layer with street segments that I would like to join with a building + population layer. Desired result: The segment contains population data. Nearest neighbor (NNjoin) finds the closest building and adds its population to the attribute table. Issue: there are buildings on both sides of the segment. Is there a way I can join attributes from several buildings (within a radius, for example) to the segment, adding their values together? I use QGIS and GRASS GIS. Any ideas?

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  • Thank you! I tried with attributes by nearest, but that does not seem to solve the issue of adding the population data together and placing it on the line. I am trying to go the other way now. I have given each building the same id as the nearest segment. Now I need to find a clever way to add the values for each id and join it back to the segment.
    – user181408
    Commented Apr 8, 2021 at 13:48

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enter image description hereI found one solution:

  1. Join nearest neighbor, but segment to building (each building looking for the closest segment).
  2. Use Group Stats Plugin to sum the population for each join_id.
  3. Export the result as cvs
  4. Import into QGIS as delimited text layer (as attribute table)
  5. Join the values to the segments.

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